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Counseling women and men regarding acute and chronic issues related to aging, childhood abuse or neglect, grief, physical or sexual abuse, stress, substance abuse.

Providing relationship counseling to men and women.


Working with men regarding those issues potentially unique to them such as anger, career, divorce, fatherhood and family, masculinity and relationships.


Helping the young and elderly make sound academic, career and vocational choices.

Working with people with all disabilities by providing them:  1) evaluation and assessment regarding their functional limitations related to employment and independent living; 2) assistance with Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living and/or securing Social Security Disability benefits; and 3) assistance in adjusting to their disability or disabilities.


Consulting with and educating other professionals and agencies around issues such as effective communication, decision making, leadership, management, mission and vision, setting and achieving goals, staff development and wellness, sustainability.


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